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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Speech 2017 (Bad things that have a good result)

Have you had a bad thing turn into a good result, like you're dreading to go to somewhere but turns out ok, or you're fearing the worst and ends up in a good result?… well I've got a few examples of it i'd like to share.      

For my 11th birthday can you believe it I got a 10 year old card from my nana. I was really embarrassed and told mum. Then mum said well we can ring her later, and tell her that you are actually 11, but then mum added at least you only got one wrong card, and then even worse my nana told her son (my uncle) that I was turning 10, so I got 2 10 year old cards for my 11 birthday. That was the bad side the good side is that nana gave me an extra $20 to say sorry. Bad thing, good result.

Anyway speaking of money and expenses, I was practicing my cricket shots without a ball in my lounge, and one time the bat just slipped out of my hand and before anyone could do anything, SMASH, it flies into the the t.v and broke. As soon as it happened I didn't know how to react because both mum and dad shouted “what’s happening down there!” I was really embarrassed and I felt terrible. A day later dad was looking at our insurance policy and he noticed that they had our car registered in auckland for like 10 years, and because of that we got heaps of money back. It turned out we got a new and even bigger t.v with this money!!! Bad thing, good result.

What about the time when you and you family are meant to go to the swimming pool because it's an extremely hot day and you just want to cool off in the outdoor pool,but the outdoor pool is closed and you think that it's horrible, but you go to Mega Air instead. This would be a good thing for anyone who likes trampolining over swimming. Bad thing, good result.

I think this one might be the coolest/best one so far!
It starts off when mum says “we're going clothe shopping” for me this is the boringest thing in the world but then when we get to the mall wherever you go to get clothes is shut. This is what mum hates but then she says “let's just go get a milkshake instead”. That is the ultimate, you miss clothes shopping and get a milkshake, yaa!!! And yes you guessed it, Bad thing, good result!

So next time that you have a bad something happening, just wait, it may turn to a good result.

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