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Monday, 10 April 2017

Inquiry Reflection

In term one at Waimairi school we were learning how to be a responsible citizen. I was teaching some kids cricket for my project. I did this with Jonty and Kingston. On a rubric I would be at extended abstract because I had lots of  ideas of what to teach them that related to cricket and I show other people how to be a responsible citizen. The reason this relates to me is because when I go to cricket practice on a Tuesday I learn the same games and drills. I show people how to be a responsible citizen by helping them and giving them ideas of what to do with behaviour management.
I was proud because when I plan and say that everything is going to be awesome, but I never actually get it done so I'm proud of actually doing my project this time.
Next time if I do it I will make sure to add more behaviour management ideas because they didn't listen that well last time. I also might bring a prize for good listeners.

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  1. Hi Ollie I like your writing because you have put a lot of detail into your piece of writing by describing it really well to the reader. I also liked how you said you were proud of yourself and you said why you were proud of yourself. I can relate because I was in your group teaching with you.