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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Responsible citizen

I'm a responsible citizen. On a rubric I'm probably around relational because I have many ways of being responsible, I know when to use them and how. E.G if I'm walking across a field and see some rubbish I would pick it up because if I left it there a bird or a dog might eat it and maybe even die. So I'm saving an animal's life and helping the field look good. Two things for only bending over and picking something up.

Another way of being a responsible citizen would be seeing a bully what would you do leave him to it, help the bully or help the person getting bullied. You would help the bullied person wouldn't you that's called being a helpful bystander not a hurtful.

Last example being a leader for little kids and being nice and helpful. If you see a kid on the playground all lonely invite him to play say hey would you like to play some four square, and if he says no just leave him alone because he might just like his own space and time.

My next step of a responsible citizen would be to help others be a responsible citizen doing the examples I just listed.

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