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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Kane Battpower

Kane Battpower
First you will notice his his big bright blue eyes
Glimmering in the sunshine,
Greeting everyone who walks past.
Then further up his head 
Is his bold brown hair that flutters in the cool breeze.
But then is his handlebar moustache too fiery hot for tv 
Or should I say Icy blue.

Kane plays for the blackcaps 
And is there number one batter.
His shots are unpredictable 
there over there now here there everywhere!
He's good at bowling too, 
31 wickets in three games how is that even possible!

People say he's the richest in the land
 donating up to $1,000,000
To the council and poor people,
 but he still has enough money for himself
And his house and food and everything he owns!
His other saying is that apparently his hips are so
 skinny they can fit through an ant's hole.

Finally Kane is a young adult at 15 years old,
  He is rich, as you might already know.
His dad also played for the 
blackcaps in his day and 
Was almost as good as Kane. 

By Ollie

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