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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hide and seek

I scan the field for a hiding spot,
and I see my bush...
The dark cold bush blocks the sun from my view,
It's bedtime in a different way.
I think the seeker is really close
keep quiet, keep still.
I hear the seeker she is nearby, 
world war three has begun,
But I hope the trenches are deep enough, 
keep quiet, keep still.
We creep to our next hiding spot
where the leaves crackle as we step, 
we're going to keep our body's location,
it's precise to us. 
I better not peak out it's likely I'll be found, 
keep quiet, keep still.
Here comes the seeker,
it's time to go to the nearest tree, 
we're it turns into a brick wall hiding the three, 
but will it keep my cover,
keep quiet keep still.
This tree isn't working, quickly, to our next spot…
but oh no, there is the danger of this game
the seeker,
has she seen me...?

Boo! There you are! Found you!
But you did win! 
we all say.

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