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Monday, 19 September 2016

Help save America

My speech is about Donald Trump,  so if you are interested in Trump then you've gone to the right place!
We were learning to use more language devices. For example exaggeration, a hook, the power of three and much more. We were also learning to make the speech flow from one paragraph to the next paragraph while connecting lots of ideas to the topic.
My speech went really well my hook works because readers are more interested in the speech and my exaggerations were in the right places like making the wall between the Mexicans really big. But best of all I made the speech competition in Waimairi school. I didn't get 1st I didn't get 2 I didn't even get 3rd  I did get highly commended though which is a result because it's a placing and I don't have to read it out again.

This is my link to my speech please listen or read it below.

The American Election  By Ollie
What would you think if you were told that Donald Trump is now president? Or have you thought of what he could do as president? Maybe you think he is great and will make America great again but have you thought about what he can do? He will have access to the nuclear weapons in usa and he will have a lot of money to build a wall between America and Mexico.

Firstly, if Donald trump makes that wall he's going to apparently be able to stop the Mexicans from taking Americas jobs. How is this supposed to work? Is he going to make a wall so big that it covers the whole of America's outline! Is it going to be so high that no one can cross the border line or maybe it will need a password to cross it between Mexico and america. That's one of the reasons Donald trump can't, I repeat can't be president. 

Secondly, he is also rude/racist. Think back to a time that you have heard someone being rude/racist. Where they saying something like your the criminal here, were they using body language by turning away when your talking or maybe even social media? Donald trump does all of that. Picture this. One time there was a baby crying in one of his speeches and Trump says, that's alright I love baby's he's fine. Then a minute later he says, actually you can get that baby out of here now the baby's Mum can't listen to the rest of the speech. Another rude thing is that he always blames Hillary and Obama saying that he and she lies. Actually trump you're the liar here. 

Remember when I mentioned nuclear weapons? I do mean nuclear weapons, and in the USA they have enough bombs to blow up the world. He'll be in charge of them all. There is a red button that he'll be next to everyday so if he presses it he will end the world. But with someone like trump that always changes his mind if he presses the button there's no changing his mind, it will be too late. He will have already blown up a country.

Did you know that people have been creating websites that stop America from voting for Trump? This will hopefully stop him because the website can be visible by Americans and they will hopefully vote for Hillary instead. Basically the creators of the website have put bad information about trump so that Americans will vote for Hillary instead. If this works then America is saved.

Please if you have any contact with Americans tell them how bad he is and get this information to them. Tell them that the wall is just ridiculous and that he is too rude to innocent people like baby's and are you sure that you want him in charge of the nuclear weapons? Finally I will leave you to think about the future of the world but I hope you now know something about trump and what he might will be able to do.

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