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Monday, 6 June 2016

Leap of Faith

I have heaps of questions I can ask myself. Is that rope safe? Has anyone died doing this? Am I going
to die?                                                                     
At clip n climb, I'm about to do my first climb. Then I am asked if I would like a free leap of faith. I'm thinking why is it free?  Should I say yes or no? My answer was a yes.

As I glare up at the terrifyingly high red and white leap, my body has suddenly gone numb. I can't move but there's no turning back! I slowly tremble up the ladder. ‘Don't look down, don't look down’. 
I'm finally up at the top when I realise that the board is like a tightrope, only fatter. This is not going to go down well. It's only a short time in till I look down and really realise how high I am. There are some people down about 10-15 meters shouting “You can do it you can do it!” so there's only one thing to do... jump!!!

I only just reach the trapeze bar. I'm holding on for my life, but the man says that I can get down now. PHEW, I didn't die!!! 

I was learning to use powerful words so that the reader feels as if he/she is in the same position. For example as I glare up at the leap my body shivers in fear but there's no turning back!
It went really well and I thought I finished with a quality piece of work. I think it is about relational because it has more than three ideas and when I read it to my Mum she said she feels like she's in that position.
My next step is to get help to use punctuation properly.

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