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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Term one arts learning

Arts Reflection

This term He Tangata have been learning about music and how it can connect us to different cultures. This is called a universal language.

To show my learning I created a soundscape based on one of my poems I wrote because it's the arts term and music is part of art. 
My soundscape is relational because it has many different musical elements and I can
explain why I used them. It has whistling for wind, a bongo drum for a weka, a shaker for some water and clapping and stomping for the beat.

Also my emotion for my poem/soundscape is meant to be happy and have a feeling of positive well being because if I have a sad poem/soundscape it won't make the reader feel good. 

Overall I am proud of my soundscape and I think it connects well with my poem.
This is a link of my soundscape I wrote to connect with my where does my heart lie poem.

Where does my heart lie?

Where the weka prances 
between the bushes of native New Zealand. 

Where the wind whistles, 
calling my name through deep the forest.

Where the flax feeds the tui 
as if it’s his child. With his seeds he provides.

Where the water feels like there are one thousand people
fanning you as you jump in.

That's where my heart lies.

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  1. I love it it's so good your sound scape I love how you use lots of elements in it your poem uses lots of good words personification in your poem and your picture uses lots of different colours it's really good