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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Candy land

The sugar forms the sight of a thousand lollies all waiting to be eaten.
The spinning lolly tower is the same shape as the beehive,
 Where the prime minister works.
 The lemon on the background - a copy of the annoying orange in shock.

 The mounds of sugar are the shape of the sand mounds in the ground, 
but with colour and full of flavour.
 The artist must be like a computer 
filled with ideas to create a candy land.

 The candy floss must be a scruffy dog 
that hasn't had a bath in weeks.

 But what would the world taste like what? 
Is it really made out of just sugar?
 If I was to live there what would I feel like?
 Would I have a different life?  

Pip and Pop by Tanya Schultz

I'm learning to change a simile into a metaphor and to add extra detail to make it more interesting. I'm going well because I can write lots of sentences with metaphors which make me multistructural. My next step is to make the reader have make an image in his/her head.

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